Turkish Brain Action Group – Year of the Brain 2014

The opening conference of the 2014 Brain Year Turkey organized by Turkish Brain Action Group under the leadership of Turkish Neurological Society was successfully held on February 18, 2014 in Ankara, Turkey.

The conference aimed to announce all the projects of Brain Year in 2014 (http://www.europeanbraincouncil.org/year-of-the-brain/) and touch on the issues regarding the brain awareness in Turkey. The invited speakers are the representatives from the Turkish Neurological Society’s board members, experienced members, vice-chancellor of Hacettepe University of Medical School and the prominent representatives of the neurological sciences specialty societies.

The conference brought together up to 400 participants, including Turkish press, neurologists, neurosurgeons, medical students and members of cooperated societies.

The meeting started with Turkish Neurological Society President, Prof. Ersin Tan’s opening speech, followed by Prof. Kubilay Varlı who was the founding member and the first president of TNS. He talked about the society’s history, founding members and past presidents.
Prof. Rana Karabudak’s speech was about the brain initiative in the world and Turkey. She gave detailed information about the projects during the Year of the Brain as the creator and director of the events. Prof. Karabudak also talked about President Barrack Obama’s acts on brain research and pointed out the importance of the increasing brain awareness in Turkey.
Prof. Cumhur Ertekin who is one of the most respected neurologists in Turkey talked about scientific research, impact factors, and H-index.

Prof. Turgay Dalkara who is one of the pioneers in neuro-science and experimental stroke research in Turkey referred to the evolution of brain research.

The president of the TNS Neuromuscular Study group, Prof. Yesim Parman, mentioned French influence in Neurology.
Prof. Cem Atbasoglu who was representing Turkish Psychiatry Society, referred to work loss in society because of psychological diseases.
The president of TNS Pediatric Neurology Study group, Prof. Zuhal Yapıcı, mentioned her own mentor; Prof. Coskun Ozdemir who devoted his life to children with neurological diseases.

Prof. Ali Kafadar who represents Turkish Neurosurgical Society, also referred to advancements in neurosurgery. The last speech was given by Evren Erdener, resident in neurology, he is one of the most brilliant students in history of Hacettepe University Medical School, he mentioned his devotion to brain research, and how he decided to become a neurologist. He was the youngest speaker of the meeting.

The meeting ended with a two man stand-up show called “n-Brain”. It was about the humorous approach to humans and how our brains work.